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6 Pack Massage Roller

 The 6 pack massage roller provides a dynamic rolling back massage during your workout, stimulating the core, stretching out the spine & supporting your back muscles.


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Power Rods & Resistance Bands

The Power Rods provide 3 progressive resistance options:

1. Light - a higher level aerobic challenge;
2. Medium - cross-training combination of aerobics and muscle toning;
3. Advanced - the ultimate in-calorie burning and muscle toning.   
Also included are 2 sets of Resistance Bands (Levels 2 & 3) and 2 handles that will help you work your arms harder and achieve your results faster. 


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Body Analysing Scales

Keep on top of your fitness goals with these Body Analysing Scales.

31st / 200kg max capacity Analyses Body Fat, Body Water, Body Mass Index (BMI), Muscle Mass, on its clear digital screen
 4 users memory